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The Red Sulphur Saga is based on verified historical reports by credible witnesses of the transmutation from lead into gold with the use of the Philosophers' Stone, also called Red Sulphur, in 1666. Most of the characters in the Red Sulphur Saga are based on actual people and historical events. This era in time is a pinnacle moment in human history because there were three different schools of thought about how to understand and study the world. Those three were the widely-accepted religion, the emerging philosophy of science, and the somewhat mystical and secretly-practiced art of alchemy.

The Red Sulphur Saga

A Series by Robert Bosnak

The Greatest Book Series in Alchemy

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An alchemist family in possession of the last Red Sulphur in existence is pursued by Kings and phantoms alike. Their remarkable love story and survival against all odds are chronicled here for the first time.

Now in its Second Edition, the greatest Mystery in Alchemy combines books one and two and features rewritten and revised sections to better fit the rest of the series.

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After the miraculous birth of the Red Sulphur Twins, the forces of the Subtle Realm conjure a whirlwind of destruction. The Sun King and Prince William of Orange battle over the future of Europe, shaping the fate of modernity. In their laboratory, Mundanus and his family of alchemists close in on the ultimate source of the mystical Red Sulphur while struggling with unbearable jealousies.

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The struggle for the destiny of Europe and the future of science culminates in the invasion of England by Prince William of Orange. Mundanus is captured by the Subtle Realm and the Dolfin family is confronted with the conundrum of immortality. The romantic triangle reaches its fever pitch and must transform or perish. A fierce battle ensues between the power-craving demon Green Mantis and the Red Sulphur Twins that will determine the fate of eternity itself.

Book IV concludes with the following addenda: Historical Foundations of Red Sulphur, Historical Personages Glossary, Glossary of Alchemical Terms and Mythological References, and Acknowledgments.

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"It’s a tale not simply of the cloak-and-dagger world of alchemy, but of the painful and colorful birth of modern science. Bosnak is a skilled writer of the period, summoning it for readers in all its inglorious grime."

-Kirkus Review

"Robert Bosnak’s saga Red Sulphur traces the history of the split between alchemy and science in a tale of lust, greed, and abiding passion."

-Penny Busetto, author

"Bosnak excels at depicting human drama, particularly the love triangle among Mundanus, Marianne, and Clara. Bosnak’s characters are three-dimensional, and the interactions among them are often thought provoking. The fantastical elements assist but never overshadow the main story, and the characters’ emotional entanglements are balanced by a complex plot with a well-realized historical setting."

-Publishers Weekly

About the Author

ROBERT BOSNAK has studied alchemy for 50 years. Professionally working with dreams he originated the Embodied Imagination® method and published non-fiction books about dreaming and imagination translated into a dozen languages.

ROBERT BOSNAK grew up in Holland and trained in Switzerland. He is a noted Jungian psychoanalyst with a practice in Los Angeles, worldwide via Internet video. Bosnak is the author and editor of seven books of non-fiction in the fields of dreams, health, and creative imagination. His best-selling A Little Course in Dreams was translated into a dozen languages. Robert developed a method called 'embodied imagination' used widely in psychotherapy and is applied worldwide to a variety of creative endeavors. The Red Sulphur Saga is his first published work of fiction. He lives in the mountains of Santa Barbara, California.

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